Services Offered by Restoring Troubled Teens Serving Parents

The educational consultant services offered by Restoring Troubled Teens is all about the "perfect match". Our job is to find the perfect therapeutic boarding school, residential treatment center, boot camp, wilderness therapy program, boarding schools, Christian boarding schools, or any other option designed to restore the troubled teen and his or her parents. For immediate troubled teen services.

Our professional child placing specialist are here to help parents find the perfect solution for their troubled teens. Our referral network is a collaborative of thousands of troubled teens service providers. We can help the parent of the troubled teen find the perfect match and begin the restoration process. We save parents thousands of dollars and years of heartache. Service offered by RTT

Restoring Troubled Teens is a one-stop shop… parents of troubled teens receive direct access to hundreds of schools and programs, as well professional educational coaching if they so desire. Its our commitment ot provide the very best troubled teen services for parents of troubled teenagars. Either way, the parent of the troubled teen is served and the service is professional.

The Restoring Troubled Teen educational consulting team is always available to you, the parent, providing professional consulting services at a discounted rate. Our educational consultants serve the parent and don’t represent ANY particular school or program. We are here to serve the parent and child and have no other agenda but to help the parent find the appropriate school or program for the troubled teen.

Our educational consultants do not receive kickbacks or finders fees from schools or programs. Thus, they are free to lead parents to the perfect school/program match. Our educational consultants do not pay for leads, or solicit leads from organizations that sell personal information. Our educational consultants will not sell your personal information or provide your information to anyone without your expressed permission.

Let’s face it, if you are reading this web page you already visited dozens of web sites that attempt to deceive the visitor into providing personal information. We are here to give you the very best troubled teen services. These other web sites for troubled teen services pose as independent services or directories that offer information about schools and programs. In reality, most of these sites are only fake sites that act as fronts. They want you to fill out a form so that they can either sell your personal information to child placing agencies or to direct you to schools that will pay them kickbacks.

If you are a parent of a troubled teen and you are reading this message you are already aware of the overwhelming volume of information about schools for troubled teens. The services for troubled teens are demanded. However, being a layman, you are totally off guard and overwhelmed with the sheer volume of information about schools and programs.

You are probably asking, “Where do I go from here? Which type of school is right for my child? Where do I turn to?” Restoring Troubled Teens is a good place to start. Furthermore, this site is designed to showcase the services of our educational consulting team. Our staff’s desire is to help parents sift through the mountains of enrollment packets, avoid deceitful placing agencies, all the while leading parents to the perfect out of home educational option.