Restoring Troubled Teens has a distinct philosophy and was created in an attempt to help "hurting parents" avoid being taken advantage of... the fact is that there are a few web-based educational consulting services that take advantage of desperate parents who are seeking schools or programs for their troubled teen. Educational consultants are either way too expensive or they have unscrupulous business relationships with schools and programs that will pay the highest dollar for referrals and leads.

One of our main purposes is to provide a positive alternative to the negative web-based services. Our desire is to see parents have a positve experience using the internet to find a school for troubled teens and pre-teen adolescent. RTT Philosophy

Please be informed internet users and parents... do not give too much information until you know you are dealing with legitimate schools. Call the phone numbers on the web sites, make sure that the schools are real and not someone or some agency attempting to sell your personal information (name, address, phone numbers, name of child, and problems the child is having) to the highest bidder.

We wish only that parents in need of good schools can find those that are a good fit for your child. Restoring Troubled Teens is devoted to the parents of troubled teens, and our philosophy is to provide unhindered access to schools and articles for troubled teens, as well as professional educational coaching.

With Restoring Troubled Teens you can find the school or program yourself (see our gigantic listing of schools) or you can request information for specific school(s) of your choice, or hire one of our professional Educational Specialists who will lead you to the appropriate school or program.

With Restoring Troubled Teens you stay in control, and you make the choice. Our web site gives you access to the best information, and then offers coaching services if you want them. Restoring Troubled Teens philosophy is to offer this free service because we want to honor schools that practice honest marketing. Moreover, we want to help the smaller schools that can’t compete against the bigger schools that have endless marketing dollars.

It is our belief that small schools are better, yet parents very rarely find them. Why? Because it costs a great deal of money to market through the Internet and smaller schools just cant compete. At Restoring Troubled Teens we are dedicated to promoting the smaller schools that provide first-rate services. We provide affordable advertising and pay-per click sponsored links so that parents can find these awesome schools without busting the bank.

Furthermore, it is our desire to connect parents to these excellent smaller schools to help them compete with the giants of the industry. We call it a triple win! The parents win, the schools win, and most importantly, the child wins!