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Dustin Garr - Staff WriterDustin Garr

Staff Writer

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 Dustin Garr works with Zyndio, Inc. and its various troubled youth websites to research, write, and share the best content for parents and families of troubled youth. Born and raised in Northern Utah, Dustin has grown up exploring and enjoying the beautiful outdoors that Utah has to offer. Now with five beautiful children and a loving wife, he shares his passion for the outdoors, and recreation with his family. 

Growing up in a small town, Dustin became familiar with the troubles and woes that can face any teenager. Having seen many friends and family members become involved in drugs and alcohol, he witnessed the harm and hurt that it brought to small communities. The realization became even more real when a friend went to prison because of drugs. Since then, Dustin has committed his life to helping other families and communities so that they don't have to go through the same hurt and pain. By providing the best resources for parents, his goal is to give families the help they need to make it through to better times.

Dustin began his career of working with families and his interest in troubled teens when he found that there was a huge need for better information to help parents succeed in raising their kids. Having witnessed the changes that the families went through by accessing the information from others to help their situations, Dustin was determined to bring that same opportunity to other families. He became involved with Zyndio in 2011 and has quickly progressed to becoming one of the best content writers and businessmen within the company. His passion to help families inspires him everyday to provide parents with the best material in the industry.

When he's not helping other families through Zyndio, Dustin enjoys spending his free time with his famiy and friends. He enjoys the outdoors, movies, cooking, and attending all of his daughter's dance recitals.

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