Directory of Schools & Programs for Troubled Teens

Restoring Troubled Teens provides an in depth directory of therapeutic schools, programs, and services for parents of troubled teens. Our Educational Consultants are prepared to serve your specific needs.  
Our job is to help alleviate the immediate crisis and help you navigate the tangled web of schools, programs, and services. As you attempt to deal with, negotiate, or direct your struggling child you need a place to turn to for assistance. Turn to us!  Or, simply review the directory of schools and programs that we have found to be outstanding. Directory of Schools and Programs
Our Educational Consultants have visited and evaluated programs and schools for troubled teens.  We are ready to assist, guide, and coach you in your time of need. Please review the directory of schools and programs that we have available to meet your needs.
Many parents of troubled teens consider programs and schools for struggling boys and girls in hope to obtain solution. When considering such family decisions, parents of struggling teens need to be informed and educated.
Many parents of troubled teens are in need of professional educational consultants to help them find the perfect school or program. We specialize in educating parents about different youth programs for troubled girls and boys.

Typical Schools or Programs for Troubled Teens

  • Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens
  • Therapeutic Boarding Schools 
  • All Boys Boarding Schools
  • All Girls Boarding Schools
  • Residential Treatment Centers
  • Group Homes
  • Boot Camps
  • Wilderness Therapy Programs