How to Pick the Right School for Troubled Teens


How do you find and then pick the right school for troubled teens? Our job at Restoring Troubled Teens is to help parents find the perfect solution "school" for their struggling child.  In our website you will find a comprehensive list of therapeutic schools and programs that serve troubled children.  In addition, we help parents through the selection process.  Meaning, if you are searching (looking, researching, assessing) any school or program designed to help troubled children then we are here to help you.

We provide coaching, guidance, and expert advice.  We represent many of the top schools and programs in the country.  Our educational consultants are standing by to help you save thousands of dollars and years of heartache.  The truth is, it is very difficult for parents to analyze the vast array of different schools and programs.  We can give you expert advice and help you find the perfect school or program, and then save you time and money.   Schools and Teenagers

Below you will find different types of therapeutic intervention and support.  These schools and programs are the best options for parents of troubled teens.

Types of Schools and Programs For Troubled Youth

Military Schools and Academies:

Military Schools have been around for over a hundred years. Many parents are under the misconception that Military Schools are for at risk children. Military Schools are a privilege and honor to attend and be accepted into. Your child must have some desire to attend a Military School. Many children believe Military Schools are for bad kids, however if they visit a campus they may realize it is an opportunity for them. Many parents start with a Military Summer program to determine if their child is a candidate for Military School.

Military Schools usually do not offer therapy, unless contracted on the outside of the school. They offer structure, positive discipline, self-confidence, small class sizes and excellent academics. Military Schools can build a student's self-esteem; motivate them to benefit their future both socially and academically.

Traditional Boarding Schools:

Traditional Boarding Schools are like Military Schools, in which your child will have to want to attend and be accepted into the school. There are many excellent Boarding Schools that offer both academics and special needs for students. Many specialize in specific areas such as fine arts, music, and competitive sports. In most cases, therapy is not offered unless contracted on the outside.

Therapeutic Boarding Schools (TBS):

Therapeutic Boarding Schools offer therapy and academics to students. Usually the student has not done well in a traditional school and is making bad choices that could have an effect on their future. Although many of the students are exceptionally smart, they are not working to their ability. Sometimes peer pressure can lead your child down a destructive path. Removing them from their environment can be beneficial to them to focus on themselves both emotionally and academically.

Christian Boarding Schools:

Christian Boarding Schools and Programs for struggling teens offer therapy and academics. They have a spiritual foundation that can assist a child to better understand Christianity as well as bring them closer to a Higher Power. Many offer Youth Groups and activities that can create life skills for a better future. A program with a Christian setting may enhance a child's better understanding of the world today.

Residential Treatment Center (RTC):

Residential Treatment Centers, similar to a TBS, offer therapy and academics. However Residential Treatment Centers are for children that require more clinical support. Their issues are more specific with substance abuse, eating disorders, self-mutilators, and other behavioral issues.