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The best schools for troubled boys near Bangor, ME exercise a philosophy that focuses on the individual boy's strengths as the foundation of treatment. Meaning, these schools build off of a boy's strengths in a positive way instead of focusing on the negative behaviors like everyone else does. Parents of troubled boys already know that their "troubled child" displays "troubled behavior". These boys have been reminded of their "problem behavior" over and over again. They have already received punishment (restriction, etc.) and punishment has not changed their behavior. Schools for Boys

The top schools for troubled boys from Bangor, ME pose the following philosophical question, "should we continue using the same old approach to bring about 'change' when it has not worked thus far?" The top schools are willing to think outside of the box, and use "leadership" training as a new approach. Troubled boys seem to respond better to "outside of the box" thinking. Boys do better when a school focuses on their strengths as a way to work on their weaknesses.  As a parent, this is something we think you should look into.  It is our recommendation that you look at schools that are "outside the box", using leadership training and "strength-based" approach to treatment.

Obviously, if you are a parent of a troubled boy from Bangor, ME and you are looking at schools for troubled boys you are in need of a fresh start. Perhaps you are willing to try something new. You are probably at your ends wit and do not know where to turn next. You've tried everything and your son has not improved. Our recommendation is that you call and speak with one of our Family Advocates. 

What is a Schools for Troubled Boys in Bangor, ME?

Schools for troubled teens near Bangor, ME are not boot camps, group homes, drug treatment centers, or any other residential treatment facility.  Participation in "schools for troubled teens" are normally voluntary programs that require a great deal of personal responsibility and accountability from both the parent and the child.  Meaning, the top schools don't look for blame, they look for solutions and everyone must particiapte to have success.

The top schools for troubled boys in Bangor, ME do not use coercion, contrived experiences, manipulation, intimidating confrontation, point or level systems, or other behavioral modification techniques to bring about positive change.  The best schools use "choice theory" and "leadership training" as the foundation for all growth..


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