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Group Homes for Troubled Boys in Manhattan, KS

Group homes for trouble boys from Manhattan, KS have a distinct purpose. By design group homes are to provide structure, emotional and social support, academic assistance, family counseling, substance abuse treatment and other related services to troubled boys and their families. Group homes for troubled boys provide 24-hour supervised care and therapeutic intervention for at-risk boys. Our job is to help you assess your unique situation and then coach you through your options.  Group Homes for Troubled Boys

Group homes for boys from Manhattan, KS are actual homes where the boys live together in a family environment and receive therapy and academic support in a family home setting. One of the purposes of a group home is to improve the family relationships. Helping troubled boys learn to build healthy relationships with staff and other students is supposed to help them also improve relationships at home.

In a group home for troubled boys the boys follow highly structured schedules that include meals, chores, study time and therapy sessions. In a group home near Manhattan, KS boys participate in group and individual therapy where they receive positive therapeutic feedback from professionals and peers.

Top Group Homes for Boys in Manhattan, KS

The purpose of group homes near Manhattan, KS is to help the student gain life skills that require social acquity and emotional intelligence. Life skills include social, mental, and academic related skills. Some group homes are designed to help boys suffering from drug and alcohol abuse or addiction. Ultimitly the goal is for boys to deal with their issues and return home or live in an independent living arrangement. For a teenage boy, this means going to college, moving back home, or finding an aparment and work.

One of the most important goals of of a group home for boys from Manhattan, KS is to them how to act and behave in a home and in the community. Other therapeutic intervention programs (residential treatment centers, therapeutic boarding schools, wilderness programs) are geared toward boys with more severe emotional and behavioral issues.  Sometimes all a boy needs it deal with some poor habits or overcome a lack of understanding (socially).  Many group homes are designed for boys who want help and are eager to get their lives back on track.

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Home - Group Homes for Troubled Boys

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