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Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens near Sand Springs, OK

Christian Boarding Schools troubled teens from Sand Springs, OK offers the most unique therapeutic opportunity for Christian families. If you are a Christian parent of a troubled teen and you need to find the perfect Christian boarding school around Sand Springs, OK we can help. Our professional child placement agents are professional "parent coaches" and "family advocates". They specialize in enrollment and admissions process related to the very best Christian boarding schools for troubled teens. Our educational consultants can assist you in enrolling your child in a Christ-centered school or program that perfectly matches your teen's specific needs.  Christian Boarding Schools for Troubled Teens

The definition of a "troubled teen" to us is much different than most. Our approach to serving troubled teens is just as unique. However, the purpose of this web page is not to discuss our approach as much as it is to define the term "troubled teen" and "Christian boarding school". We want to take the time to clarify the term, and to define our version of what a troubled teen is, and how he/she became that way.  To know what we are dealing with is just as important as knowing how to deal with it.

Christian boarding schools near Sand Springs, OK are one of the very best options and educational alternatives for troubled teens available.


The Best Christian Boarding School Options for Struggling Adolescents from Sand Springs, OK

The troubled teen of Sand Springs, OK that we serve comes from middle and upper middle-class Christian families who have good morals, good work ethic, principled, and are integral. These families have raised their children in good Christian homes, attending church regularly. But, about the age of 12 their child began to change. First came the rap music, then the clothes, and the hip language. Pretty soon all that used to matter is gone, and it has been replaced with defiance, anger, and rebellion toward parents.

Today's troubled teen from Sand Springs, OK act like they are 8, but demands to be treated as if they were 30. Christian boarding schools for troubled teens from Sand Springs, OK might be your answer. With these kinds of kids therapy doesn't work, it tends to make them worse. Why? Because being a troubled teen is not a mental disorder, and therapy rarely works with kids anyway. Furthermore, this is a spiritual condition, and not a mental health issue. It is also an emotional immaturity issue, and not a lack of therapy. These troubled teens don't need a therapist; they need a sense of reality, they need discipline, and a sense of appreciation for the blessing they have.

These kids suffer from the disease of "entitlementitis". Entitlementitis is a disease associated with prolonged exposure to unearned prosperity combined with numerous parental rescues. It comes from living in a society where everything is expected instantaneously, without effort. Entitlementitis can only persist in an environment where accountability is disregarded, and blaming others is always the "special of the day". Entitlementitis is the biggest epidemic since polio, and twice as devastating.

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